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Stories that start conversations, tools
to assist recovery

Torchlight Systemis a platform founded by Kevin Braddock which publishes stories, tools and messages to help people talk about, deal with
and recover from depression and anxiety

As the social conversation around mental health and illness accelerates, our aim is to build a library of helpful products and over time get them to wherever they may be needed: schools, clinics, businesses, gyms and community groups.

From talking about mental health to doing mental health, Torchlight System makes stuff which helps people, and helps people make stuff which helps.

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About Kevin Braddock, Founder & Editor

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Kevin Braddock is a writer-editor who has worked for The Face, GQ, Esquire and The Guardian. This project began after he suffered a Major Depressive Episode while living in Berlin in 2014. At the brink of suicide one day he asked for help and his life began to change. Guessing that speaking openly about breakdown, recovery, depression, anxiety and dependence might help others deal with these problems, he decided to write about his experiences and share what he learned. In 2017 his story was featured in The Observer (left). Torchlight System operates between London and Berlin with the project’s design partner, Enver Hadzijaj.

The System in Torchlight System
This project is based on three simple ideas which together offer a path to recovery:

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Acceptance: because dealing with any problem begins with confronting it and then finding ways and people to help

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Catharsis: because speaking and writing about depression and anxiety can begin to remove shame and stigma

Change: do-it-yourself recovery.
Find what helps you get better, build positive
daily habits, and share them with others

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Find out more about our products for yourself or others here

Stories and tools that travel from rock bottom to recovery

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The library so far. From Left:
Torchlight: A Publication About Asking For Help (2017)
Every Day: A Companion To The Practice Cards (2019)
Everything Begins With Asking For Help (2019)
Practice Cards Volume 1 (2017)
Practice Cards Volume 2 (2019)



National Press: Kevin’s story of asking for help
in the Mail on Sunday

Kevin’s story has featured in the press nationally (left) and internationally (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung DE), communicating an important primary message for people suffering depression and anxiety: Ask For Help.

Addressing the problem of men & depression: Kevin in Men’s Health magazine

Read more about Torchlight System in the Daily TelegraphEsquire, MagcultureAIGA, theCulturetrip, Positive.News, Courage & Spice (podcast), and Mend.World (podcast),


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Torchlight & Practice
Cards Volume 1

“Anyone interested in magazines, storytelling and mental health should have a look at this. It's really, really good, and completely original” Richard Benson, former Editor, The Face, author of The Farm and The Valley

“An amazing, touching magazine project. Superbly honest writing about Berlin, drink, breakdown and recovery”
Dr Jeni Fulton, Executive Editor, Art Basel

We are grateful for all coverage and interest in this project, but what tells the
story better than anything are messages from our users such as this one:

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