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I am a writer-editor. In the past I've worked for The Face, GQ, Esquire and The Guardian. 
In 2017 I wrote and published Torchlight: A Publication About Asking For Help,
which is accompanied by packs of Practice Cards.

This project began after I suffered a Major Depressive Episode while living in Berlin in 2014. At the brink of suicide one day I asked for help and my life began to change. Guessing that speaking openly about breakdown, recovery, depression, anxiety and dependence might help others deal with these problems, I decided to write about my experiences, share what I've learned, and use my experience in publishing to build a new and original platform and community to help others do the same. In 2017 it was featured in The Observer, and I develop the platform with my design partner, Enver Hadzijaj, between London and Berlin.

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In 2018 I won a publishing deal with Kyle Books to write an extended and adapted version of the story contained in Torchlight, with a broader emphasis on advice and suggestions for people suffering depression and anxiety. “Everything Begins With Asking For Help” (left) will be published on May 16 2019, during Mental Health Awareness week. Find out more on Amazon. An excerpt of this book appears here on Daily Mail online.


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“Anyone interested in magazines and/or storytelling and/or mental health should have a look at this. It's really, really good, and completely original” RICHARD BENSON, former Editor, The Face, author of The Farm and The Valley

“Kevin is turning his personal struggle into a jumping off point for discussion and support and set of tools to help others, what's not to love about that” ROBIN DERRICK, former Creative Director, Vogue

“An amazing, touching magazine project. Superbly honest writing about Berlin, drink, breakdown and recovery” Dr. JENI FULTON, Executive Editor, Art Basel

“I've been using the Practice Cards now for six months and they have made a huge difference to my life. It's so straightforward: shuffle the pack, deal yourself a couple of cards and you have two wonderfully engaging prompts to take you through the day” – DAVID BAKER, writer & broadcaster

“Torchlight System offers fantastically useful tools. Students find it difficult to be open about their mental health and sensitive issues, especially with the pressures they are under today, but Kevin’s project has the ability to give students a cool and fun forum where they can speak freely, and break down barriers and stigma” – DEREK MOIR, Head of Humanities, The Brit School, London

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