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Ways you can support and get involved
with Torchlight System



Since its launch this project has been self-supporting through contributions, sales and speaking engagements, and we are grateful to everyone who has helped us sustain. With the help of supporters our 2017 crowdfund campaign to reprint Torchlight and the Practice Cards beat its target in 72 hours and was 133 % overfunded. Including sales, presentations, meetups, gifts,  coverage and sharing we estimate that Torchlight System’s stories, suggestions and messages have reached up to 2,000,000 people. But we too need help to grow…

If you would like to support the work and development of Torchlight System we suggest:


The most effective way to support this project is by buying copies of
Torchlight or Every Day, packs of Practice Cards or bundles.

Booking A Talk
Invite Kevin to speak at your workplace, school or group on the importance of asking for help and daily practice for mental health

We invite pledges to help us with creative development, outreach, admin and staff costs. To pledge please click on the button below


If you are interesting in a bespoke partnership with Torchlight System, please email us

We will soon be launching an advocate programme. Watch this space for more details. Interested? Drop us a line

In The Words Of Our Users


“Your proactive and creative use of your own experience makes you a fantastic role model for young men such as my son”  – Tanya

“Torchlight gave me hope when I had none” – Dom

“My partner was diagnosed with a severe depressive illness. We took some tips from your book and now recognise that there are many aspects to recovery. Your book and Practice Cards was a helpful part of the journey” – Adele

 "I am a GP and thought the book and cards looked really interesting. It’s a really simple and manageable thing for people to do when they are feeling overwhelmed, thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas” – Gareth 

“You came to my sixth form and gave a really interesting talk on recovering from mental health problems. You are such an inspiration” – Hannah

“I think it’s fabulous” – Richard

Thank you for your interest and support!