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Some helpful narratives and resources



Reading For Recovery:
a list of helpful books

Downloads: print out the Ask for Help message

Story: Countdown To Breakdown by Zaren C

The “System” in Torchlight System


Life Beyond Labels by Nadia Gilani

13 Ideas if you’re suffering depression & anxiety


A film about asking for help

Asking For Help: who and how?

Tell your Story +
Make Your Own publication

Everything Begins With

Can wild swimming
help with depression?

Another side to recovery
from depression and anxiety

Chop Wood Carry Water. An extract from Torchlight: A Publication About Asking For Help


Practice Cards: Smile

Practice Cards: Doing Things Every Day

Practice Cards: Shakespeare for depressed & anxious People

Practice Cards: Marcus Aurelius
for depressed & anxious people

Practice Cards: worried about what you look like? Watch this

Practice Cards: Existentialism
for depressed & anxious people

Practice Cards Body Edition:
Running, Cloud Hands & Sun Salutations