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Torchlight is a chronicle of one man’s breakdown and recovery, from suffering with severe depression and anxiety to asking for help, beginning to get better, and discovering different ways to live. 

Lucid, helpful, tactile, and beautifully illustrated, Torchlight is an example of how storytelling can be used to understand and represent these difficult yet widespread experiences in the course of human life.

People are talking openly about mental illness today: over its 154 pages Torchlight tells an extraordinary tale for our times.


“I wanted to write and say how amazing Torchlight is. I’ve read every word. So bold and candid and honest and raw AND compelling. It’s about so much more than depression. There’s so much everyone can relate to whatever their state of mind right now”  – ANDREW DIPROSE, Creative Director, Wired UK

“Something remarkable and beautiful arrived on my desk, I lost an hour reading it and found an insight to life inside it” SAM CONNIFF ALLENDE, founder, Be More Pirate

“A significant contribution to the lexicon on depression, anxiety and addiction… this book should be at every Community Mental Health Trust, both for sufferers and carers. Kevin has really shed light on a vexed topic in a way that could help countless people, and deserves praise for that”  - LYNDON SHEPPARD, former headteacher

Design: Enver Hadzijaj

London: Magculture 
Berlin: Do You Read Me?!
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