For 2019 we are excited to present two new products we’ve developed to help people deal with, recover from and talk about anxiety and depression.

Every Day: A Companion Guide to The Practice Cards

This beautiful printed companion guide to the Practice Cards goes into detail on the ideas contained in Volume 1 (Actions & Ideas) along with the suggestions in the new volume (see below), plus essays on the value of building positive daily habits to assist with recovery from depression and anxiety. 140+ pages, full colour. £10 + P&P 


Practice Cards Volume 2: Expression & Disruption

The natural partner to Practice Cards Vol.1: Actions & Ideas, this new volume steers users in a more outwardly direction: over 50 imaginative cues to help you express yourself and get unstuck by breaking routines and getting something of the inner you out into the world. £10 + P&P


A great way to find out more about the principle of Practice – plus there’s a keyring to remind yourself to keep up the positive habits every day. £20 + P&P

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Practice for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

As we launch these items we’re offering packages suitable for organisations, schools, and businesses wishing to support mental health awareness. These include:

Every Day Practice Pack
Build positive mental health habits with Practice Cards Volumes 1 & 2, and find out find out how daily practice can improve your life in the Every Day publication (plus a Practice keyring). £25 + P&P


Team Practice Pack
Together we learn faster. This bundle includes four each of the Every Day publication and Vols 1 & 2 of the Practice Cards: ideal for teams at work, in school or anywhere leaders are looking to engage with wellbeing and mental health. £99 + P&P


Practice Makes Progress
A workshop suitable for organisations focusing on wellbeing and mental health: invite Kevin to present Practice Cards Volumes I + 2 and hear stories from his own experiences of mental illness and recovery, and how positive daily habits can enhance wellbeing. £600 (discounts available for schools and community groups. Please Email for info.)



Every Day publication

Practice Cards Volume 2


Expression & Disruption yellow.png

… means recovery beyond
the Mindful Bubble

Attending to one’s internal state is vital in dealing with depression and anxiety. But there’s another side to recovery – the revitalising outwards to the necessary inwards. Find out more about the ideas behind the new volume of Practice Cards in the vlog below.

Watch on YouTube here.