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Collaborate with us to bring important messages to the office or classroom



Speaker Session: Everything Begins With Asking For Help


Invite Kevin to your workplace or organisation to speak on the importance of asking for help, ways to recover from depression and anxiety, the journey to make Torchlight and the Practice Cards, plus a reading from the new “Everything Begins With Asking For Help” book.


Speaker session: Everything Improves with Practice

Invite Kevin to your workplace, organisation or school to present the Practice Cards and show how daily practice can help deal with depression and anxiety and sustain mental health. Bookings include copies of the Every Day publication, and packs of Practice Cards Vols 1 +2.

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Clients & Testimonials

Since 2017 Kevin has spoken at businesses in the UK and Germany including:

“Your talk stayed with me all day, people thanked me for organising it, saying it was a valuable and that they respected your openness, honesty and advice. We need more people like you in the world” -Georgie Manning Harris, People Lead, UsTwo

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“Practice Cards are a readily accessible tool for anyone who wants to carve out a bit of the day to look after their mental health” – Charlotte Hillenbrand, Director of Innovation & Digital, Comic Relief

Left: Practice Cards used as icebreakers at a mental health workshop we ran at Rife Magazine, Bristol Watershed’s youth-engagement project

Schools & Community Groups

Mental health is fast becoming a priority in education and community groups, and Kevin has led presentations and talks at The Brit School, Marches School, North London Collegiate School, Ash Villa Special School, Goldsmith’s College, London College of Communication, The Gordon’s School, Jolt, Finn’s Place and more, often at no charge.


“Torchlight System offers fantastically useful tools. Students find it difficult to be open about their mental health issues, but Kevin gives them a cool and fun forum where they can speak freely, and break down stigma” – Derek Moir, Head of Sixth Form, The Brit School


Paid partnerships with businesses enable us to pledge Torchlight System’s narratives, tools and messages in the education and community sectors where they are urgently needed. That’s why for every booking from an agency, brand or corporate we pledge a pro bono session in a state school or community group.

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Torchlight System
at The Brit School

“Kevin’s honesty about the events that led to him asking for help and the positive message of his recovery process are important contributions to the wider debate around mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our students, who are all experiencing their own mental health challenges, found Kevin’s talk very beneficial and thought the Practice Cards were a very useful resource”– Leigh Bentley, Headmaster Ash Villa Special School

Collaborating With Torchlight System

We also offer the chance to create bespoke partnerships with us. Work with Torchlight System to:

• Make bespoke packs of Practice Cards combining existing Practice ideas and new ones generated in workshops.
White-label the existing packs of Practice Cards: ideal for desk-drops and onboarding new staff members when mental health is high on the workplace agenda.
• Build your own storytelling projects in text, video or print.
• Design a learning & development programme around the themes of asking for help and daily practice for mental health.

For 2019-2020 we partnered with the charity Music Support to produce a branded pack of Practice Cards (below) for distribution at backstage safe tents across the festival circuit:

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Practice Cards white label edition for Music Support

“Music Support assists mental health for anyone in the music industry, and these cards
are a great way to open conversations and spread helpful messages and ideas”
Joanne Croxford, Services Officer, Music Support