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If someone you know is struggling but you’re not sure how to help,
consider gifting a book, some cards or a bundle



Everything Begins With Asking For Help:
An Honest Guide to Depression & Anxiety from Rock Bottom to Recover

An expanded version of the story contained in Torchlight, this paperback combines the powerful and compelling story Kevin’s breakdown and recovery with expert input and extensive interviews. Covering subjects from asking for help, therapy, learning and body to sobriety, nature, technology, work and purpose, it offers 13 big ideas for anyone struggling with depression and anxiety.

“Kevin’s story has helped me enormously to understand more about my own depression and anxiety than most professional sources, His story is real and relevant for today. This book goes further and I believe it should become a standard text to help people who suffer with mental health or for people who know someone who suffers”
– John F (Amazon review)

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Every Day Practice Pack

Because getting better is an everyday thing

A great way to introduce the principle of Practice for recovering from depression and anxiety, and sustaining mental health (every day). Includes one copy of Every Day, and one pack each of Practice Cards Vols 1+2. £25 + P&P

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How to Start A Helping Conversation

If you think someone might be struggling with depression and anxiety but you’re not sure how to start a conversion, take a look at the vlog on left

Firegazer Pack: Spread some important messages

Become an advocate for Asking For Help and Practice with this pack which includes everything we’ve made so far. Pass on to a friend, present them at your workplace or community group, or hold a storytelling meetup of your own (we can offer guidelines). As speaking openly about mental health and illness becomes more widespread, these stories and tools can help to start conversations. Includes one copy each of Torchlight and Every Day, one pack each of Practice Cards Vols 1 & 2, Ask For Help and Practice stickers, an Ask For Help Badge and Cycling Cap.

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A Film About Asking For Help

WTF are Practice Cards?

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