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New ways to talk about, deal with and recover from depression and anxiety



Torchlight: A Publication About Asking for Help

Torchlight is a chronicle of one man’s breakdown and recovery, from suffering with severe depression and anxiety to asking for help, beginning to get better, and discovering different ways to live.  Lucid, helpful, tactile, and beautifully illustrated, Torchlight is an example of how storytelling can be used to understand and represent these difficult yet widespread experiences in the course of human life. People are talking openly about mental illness today: over its 154 pages Torchlight tells an extraordinary tale for our times. £10 +P&P

“I wanted to write and say how amazing Torchlight is. So bold, candid, honest and raw AND compelling. It’s about so much more than depression”
ANDREW DIPROSE, Creative Director, Wired UK

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Wondering who and how to ask for help?
Take a look here for some suggestions

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Practice Cards Volume 1: Actions & Ideas

Practice Cards contain 55 suggestions for people suffering from depression and anxiety, or living in recovery. Yellow “Action” cards suggest physical activities, and blue “Idea” cards offer visualisations, teachings and sayings to meditate upon. Shuffle the pack, pick two cards every morning, try to do one, and build positive habits every day. Practice Cards are a way to make a game out of getting better. £10 +P&P

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“I cannot recommend Practice Cards more highly. They perfectly encapsulate how small daily steps, self compassion and connecting with others are absolutely invaluable in getting well and staying well. They will add some joy to your day”
DR JANE MCNEILL, psychologist specialising in anxiety disorders and trauma


Every Day: A Companion Guide To The Practice Cards

This beautiful printed companion guide to the Practice Cards goes into detail on the ideas contained in Volume 1 (Actions & Ideas) along with the suggestions in the new volume (see below), plus essays on the value of building positive daily habits to assist with recovery from depression and anxiety. 144 pages, full colour. £10 + P&P 


Practice Cards Volume 2: Expression & Disruption

The natural partner to Practice Cards Vol.1: Actions & Ideas, this new volume steers users in a more outwardly direction with over 50 imaginative cues. Green “Expression” cards show ways to help you express yourself through writing, speaking and doing, and lilac “Disruption” cards offer ways get unstuck by breaking routines and pathways. Use these cards to get something of the inner you into the world. £10 + P&P

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“I've been using the Practice Cards now for six months and they have made a huge difference to my life. It's so straightforward: shuffle the pack, deal yourself a couple of cards and you have two wonderfully engaging prompts to take you through the day” DAVID BAKER, writer & broadcaster


Everything Begins With Asking For Help:
An Honest Guide to Depression & Anxiety from Rock Bottom to Recovery

An expanded version of the story contained in Torchlight, this paperback combines the powerful and compelling story Kevin’s breakdown and recovery along with expert input and extensive interviews.

Covering subjects from asking for help, therapy, learning & listening to body, sobriety, nature, technology, work and purpose, it offers 13 big ideas for anyone struggling with depression and anxiety.

“Everything Begins with Asking for Help is frank and it is compassionate. Everyone should read it” -

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Torchlight Publication

Practice Cards Volume 1

Every Day publication

Practice Cards Volume 2