Practice Cards contain suggestions for people suffering from depression and anxiety, or living in recovery. They include yellow “Action” cards detailing physical activities, and blue “Idea” cards, which offer visualisations, teachings and sayings. Shuffle the pack, pick two every morning, try to do one, and build positive habits every day.
Practice Cards are a way to make a game out of getting better.


“I cannot recommend Practice Cards more highly. They perfectly encapsulate how small daily steps, self compassion and connecting with others are absolutely invaluable in getting well and staying well. They will add some joy to your day” – 
DR JANE MCNEILLpsychologist specialising in anxiety disorders and trauma  

“Practice Cards are a readily accessible tool for anyone who wants to carve out a bit of the day to look after their mental health. They don't demand continued devotion as a meditation app might – pick them up and use them as and when you really need to" – CHARLOTTE HILLENBRAND,
former Director of People, Made by Many

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