New From Torchlight System

For 2019 we're excited to present two new products we’ve developed to assist recovery from anxiety and depression. These are available for pre-order from today, delivery in June 2019 FUNDING GOAL XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX
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Every Day: A Companion Guide to The Practice Cards

This beautiful printed companion guide to the Practice Cards goes into detail on the ideas contained in Vol.1 (Actions & Ideas) along with the suggestions in the new volume Practice Cards (see below), plus essays on the value of building positive daily habits to assist with mental health.
140+ pages, full colour. £10 + P&P 

Practice Cards Vol 2: Expression & Disruption

The natural partner to Practice Cards Vol.1: Actions & Ideas, this volume steers users in a more outwardly direction: over 50 imaginative cues to help you express yourself and get unstuck by breaking routines and getting something of the inner you out into the world.
£10 + P&P

Expression & Disruption yellow.png

…means recovery beyond
the Mindful Bubble

Attending to one’s internal state is vital in dealing with depression and anxiety. But there’s another side to recovery – the revitalising outwards to the necessary inwards. Find out more about the ideas behind these news cards in this vlog (left).
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Practice for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

As we launch these items we’re also offering bundles and offering workshops and presentations for organisations, schools, businesses and community groups wishing to support mental health awareness. The offers include:

Every Day Practice Pack
Build positive mental health habits with Practice Cards Vols 1 & 2, and find out find out how daily habits can improve your life in the Every Day publication (plus a Practice keyring). £25 + P&P


Team Practice Pack
Together we learn faster. This bundle includes four each of the Every Day publication and Volumes 1 & 2 of the Practice Cards, and is ideal for teams in the workplace, school or community group – anywhere leaders are looking to build a practice of positive daily wellbeing for mental health. £99 + P&P


Practice Makes Progress
A workshop suitable for organisations focusing on wellbeing and mental health: invite Kevin to present the Practice Card vols I + 2 and hear stories from his own experiences of mental illness and recovery, showing how positive daily habits can enhance wellbeing. £500 (discounts available for schools and community groups. Email for info.)