is the name we give to meeting in groups to speak and share openly about issues such as depression, anxiety, breakdown and recovery. Over the last two years these informal storytelling meetings meetups have been held in London, Berlin and Bristol, alongside  presentations of the Torchlight System project at the schools, universities, agencies and organisations including Independent Collectors (Berlin), the Brit School (London), Ash Villa special school (Sleaford), Rife Magazine/Watershed (Bristol), Snowden Design (Berlin), Feed Communications (Berlin), Herbert Smith Freehills (London), Jolt (Oswestry), The Marches School (Oswestry), and Studio KP25 (Berlin).

If you are interested in hosting a Firegazing meeting or working with Torchlight System in your organisation, please get in contact



In Autumn this year we launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a second edition of the Torchlight publication & Practice Cards into print. The campaign was 133 % funded thanks to the generosity of the people listed below. A special thanks goes to Rubens Filho of Abracademy who is now an official Patron of Torchlight System, and to Georgie Mack, Helen Davis, Andrew Sadler and Anna Nation who are all official “Firegazers”



Samantha Menezes, Rossana Eckardt, Ben Bashford, Iona Drummond, Jason Roberts, Jill Jordan, Elke Helma Gerda Lueckert, Carmymac, Sandra Foreman, Anne Devlet, Melissa Coleman, Chris Floyd, Platdujour, berrymanv, Alexander Bec, Joyce Hamilton, Fidelisllcgb, Joe Dennett, Chris Sivewright, Georgia Kuhn, tanya thomson, Michael Erskine, James Burrell, Jenifer Fulton, Kuba Nowak, Douglas hadgraft, Glenys Lloyd, Chris Terry, Olle Wärnbäck, maraghosha, Craig Urmston, Sas Petherick, Ppmwdavis, Emma Ellwood-Russell, Alexandra Gibson, Sam Conniff, Lucy Olivier, Lance Walker, Andrea Nagel , Colin Kirkpatrick, John Furnival, Iona Hames, Roderick Stanley, David Jackson, Nicky Gibson, Neil Taylor, James Braddock, Bronwen Ellis, Maria Rockvam, Lukasz Sagol, Anne and Kip Winpenny, Bruce Meyer, Eric George, Lynn Hanford-Day, Hans Henrik Krohn, Jamie Mcintyre, Amy Hitchenor, Susan Lin, Claire Donaldson, David Gledhill, Alice McDonnell, Cirque Therapy, Sarah Williams, Tabitha Beaven, James Spackman, Sam Small, Annelies Scott, Leigh Bentley, Sanjiv Battacharya, Danielle Bennett, Claire Stewart, Alfred Rinaldi, Marisa Zanotti, Kyle Hugall, Anne Baerwald, Michelle Phillips, Eoin Macmanus, Clare Reddington, Ilya Poropudas, Steve Johnson, Joseph Gray, Jen Wrigley, Andrew Gallagher, Tim Pare, Stu Le Fevre, Joanna Goodchild, Nadia Gilani, Helen Buckman, Mark Hooper, Uwe Bermeitinger, Emma Allen, Zaren Courtenay, Maia Beyrouti, Stuart Bowdler, Lauren Cochrane, Phil Johnson, Lesley Braddock, Alan & Marion.


Louise Idoux, Herbarium, Oswestry; Jeremy Leslie, Magculture, London; Jessica Reitz, Do You Read Me?!, Berlin; Marc Robbemond, Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Amsterdam; Geoff MacDonald, Georgie Mack, Stacy Thomson & Camilla Upson, Minds@Work; Charlotte Hillenbrand, Vivienne Berryman & Bridget Hand, Made by Many, London; Sam Conniff and Katy Woodrow-Hill, Livity, London; Zaren Courtenay; Kati Krause


Kevin Braddock (Founder)
With Enver Hadzijaj (design) and Emma Warren (editorial)

With invaluable help from
Laura Davis, Melissa Ramos, Sam Blunden, Paul Snowden, Callum Jefferies, Matthew Kershaw, John Flaherty, Andrew Hobbs, Jane McNeill